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Kenwood is one of the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis and our community is working together to ensure everyone, residents and visitors alike, are safe. To that end, in the last five years, KNO’s community engagement efforts including yoga, concerts and family events, at East Cedar Lake Beach (“Hidden Beach”) has made a significant impact on public safety, both at the beach and our surrounding neighborhood.

Kenwood, along with others, will receive substantially less monetary support from the City of Minneapolis. With the addition of SWLRT and the 21st Street station, we anticipate more activity in the area that will enrich our community and potentially impact public safety. Proactively, KNO is working to sustain and expand Kenwood neighborhood community engagement efforts at East Cedar Lake Beach and beyond.


Together as a neighborhood, we can sustain and grow our community engagement in a way that strengthens community and effectively addresses public safety issues. Stay engaged - volunteer, donate and sign-up to receive the KNO Public Safety monthly updates and KNO newsletters. 

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