About Us

Kenwood Neighborhood Organization is a volunteer organization of Kenwood residents who, since 1962, have worked together in a collaborative effort to address issues and matters related to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our neighborhood.


Our Board

Our highly committed leadership team is fueled by a deep commitment to serving the community. Whether taking care of a housing request or overseeing the maintenance of common areas, we work hard to keep your community looking like a brochure.


Mark Brown


Carissa and I have lived in Kenwood for more than five years, since 2015, along with our two daughters Emma (9) and Ida (7).  I joined the board in 2016 (I think, possible it was 2017).

My favorite annual event here in the city would have to the Minnesota State Fair; the Luminary Loppet is always a memorable night too.

My favorite days in Kenwood are when we have our canoe out on Cedar Lake and go beach hopping as a family between Point Beach and Hidden Beach.  It is an amazing respite and change of pace, right here in the city.

I'm not sure I have a favorite season, I love them all here in Minneapolis.  I do have two favorite days that mark the change in seasons: 1) the day we fill our backyard ice rink (usually early December) and 2) the day we put our old-school spring-drawn wood frame screen door back on so we can keep the front door open, but bugs out (usually early/mid-May)

What we love about living in Kenwood is that we can joke that our home is like having a cabin in the city.  The ability to walk into the woods or paddle out on the water and feel surrounded by nature, but right in the city, is amazing!

One thing i would like to see change is for us to find more ways to connect as a community and give back.  We are all so lucky to live here, and we could make a difference for a lot of people across the city and beyond if we work together.

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Grievance Procedure

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